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 Kyle KorverBuy$78.44
 Channing FryeBuy$80.79
 Cory JosephBuy$76.45
 Patrick PattersonBuy$100.25
 Michael CammalleriBuy$102.70
 Tim Hardaway Jr.Buy$103.27
 Ersan IlyasovaBuy$110.82
 Dennis SchroderBuy$115.37
 Mike MuscalaBuy$61.13
 Marcus SmartBuy$127.08

Event Leaders

User NameEvent
 steele028Main Portfolio
 Gator NationEvents
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - NHL Unlimited
 dabearz_34NHL Regular Season L
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - Port - NHL Un
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - NBA Thru Fina
 bobojcdPort - NBA Unlimited
 bobojcdNBA Limited Trades F

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