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 Aaron HicksBuy$124.46
 Justin WilsonSell$89.69
 Jon LesterBuy$195.59
 Jason BohnSell$99.29
 Jason DaySell$163.44
 R.A. DickeyBuy$116.70
 Marco EstradaSell$181.75
 Johnny CuetoBuy$176.89
 Dallas KeuchelSell$205.67
 Lance LynnBuy$139.86

Event Leaders

User NameEvent
 steele028Main Portfolio
 Gator NationEvents
 bubba3mPort - NHL Unlimited
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - Port - NHL Un
 bobojcdPort - NBA Thru Fina
 bobojcdPort - NBA Unlimited
 bobojcdNBA Limited Trades F
 CartelPort - MLB thru Worl
 cwfootNBA Playoff Hold'em-
 bobojcdNBA Limited by Posit
 bobojcdNBA Unlimited Starti
 phatspds1NHL Playoffs Hold'em
 bobojcdNHL Limited by Posit
 bobojcdNHL Unlimited Starti
 phatspds1Month of May Basebal
 bobojcdPGA One Swap/Wk TPC
 cwfootNASCAR Charlotte Fre
 MasterOfPuppetsNASCAR Charlotte Fre
 gordanNASCAR Charlotte Fre
 cwfootPGA Final Round Free

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